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4 Services
Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss
Regression, Anger and Forgiveness
Regression, Anger and Forgiveness (Subsequent Session if required)
Sports Massage
7 Services
Deep Tissue Cupping Massage €70
Deep Tissue Myo Fascia Dysfunction and Postural Analyses €90
Ace Cupping Massage €60
Manual Cupping Massage €60
Rehabilitation and Manipulation Massage €80
Pre-event Sports Massage €45
Post-event Sports Massage €45
Medical Message
10 Services
Facial Neuropathy €70
Craniosacral Therapy €70
Reflexology Cancer Care €60
Acupuncture €70
Oncology Massage €70
Pain and Palliative Care Massage €60
Lymphatic Massage €70
Manual Lymphatic Drainage €60
Facial, Sinusitis and Ear Therapy €60
Trigeminal Neuralgia €60
Massage & Wellness
9 Services
Reflexology foot and Hand €70
Holistic Massage €70
Invigorating Head Massage €60
Indian Head Massage €60
Pain Relief Massage €60
Tuina Massage €60
Craniosacral Massage €60
Pregnancy Massage €80
Baby Massage €35
Exercise & Nutrition
3 Services
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy €80
Exercise – Personal Training €50
Nutrition €45


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