If you are suffering from stress resulting from busy and complicated lives, you can look forward to enjoying an exclusive hideaway in a private and quaint place hidden from the world in a forest of leafy green promise.  Here at Castletown gates you’ll find a Centre of Holistic Therapies.  The natural progression through life highlights and how we can overestimate yet under accommodate our need to regenerate and to reintroduce balance into our lives, so here at “BodyyWorx Massage and Wellness” we bring pause and stillness, quiet, and stability.  With Bodyworx Massage & Wellness you can experience absolute results, combatting stress and anxiety as presented by pain and inflammation.

The Logo highlighting the butterfly in its fullness of open wings, embodied by a single therapist indicating the healing qualities from within and the many personal transformations an individual may undergo throughout their life. At Bodyworx Massage & Wellness “Touch Therapy” makes room for this personal metamorphosis and gently with a careful watch guides and supports the shedding off of the old and the evolving into the new and improved you as is expressed by the ongoing changes experienced from a life’s medical, to sporting and personal ailments, restrictions, and circumstances.

Using the many different modalities Bodyworx Massage &Wellness can help transform lives and influence them to the point where healing gifts them with the potential to gain flight as indicated by the final stage of acceptance and freedom.

One of our areas of speciality is pain relief oncology and serious illness. Pain is a terrible thing, but constant pain is soul-destroying, exhausting and emotionally upsetting so, as the CEO and managing director of Bodyworx Massage and Wellness, if we can at most even take the edge off the pain to allow a short reprieve we would be humbled to help.

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Georgina Touhey, I’m founder of Bodyworx Massage and Wellness a massage therapist with thirty years’ experience and knowledge in body works massage and manipulation. Through my extensive training and life’s experiences, I aim to bring relaxation, pain relief and comfort to my clients through the services delivered through Bodyworx Massage and Wellness.


I love all things sport, and I have a keen interest in walking, exercise, and boxing. I am a qualified coach and judge in boxing with the AIBA and I have also been an avid participant in race walking on both a national and international stage. I competed for Ireland in Racewalking from the age of 17 and became an Irish race-walking champion and ranked number 2 in Ireland in the ’90s. I have secured in recent years ranking on the European World Championship Masters team event where the team came second.

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